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Pet Cremation Urns & Keepsakes

We are here to help if you would like to select a memorial keepsake.

Below is a sample of our wide selection of urns, markers, stones, frames, and other mementos available to pay tribute to your beloved pet.

For more information on keepsakes, please call us at (203) 941-2690.


Need help?

Our helpful and caring staff understand the bond between pets and their people, and are here to help you find the right farewell for your beloved pet.

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Arielle Heart Sky Blue Urn

Avalon Pewter Urn Ensemble

Bamboo Box Urn Ensemble

Black Cozy Cat Urn

Lotus Heart Urn Ensemble

Arielle Heart Night Sky Urn

Arielle Heart Ruby Urn

Arielle Heart Slate Urn

Arielle Heart Raku Urn

Avalon Evening Blue Urn Ensemble

Avalon Bronze Urn Ensemble

Black Engraved Urn Ensemble

Blue Velvet Keepsake Box - Cloisonne

Sable Elite Cat Urn

Tabby Cat Urn with Engraving

Classic Paw Urn Ensemble - Engraved

Paw Print Chest


Photo Urns

Violet Photo Cubes Urn Ensemble

40 Cherry Photo Urn

Violet Photo Cube Urn XS



Paw Print Cross - Engraved Depth

Golden Frame Pendant

Bronze Cylinder

Pewter Cylinder

Onyx Cylinder

Blue Cylinder

Blue Cylinder - Engraved

Onyx Paw Print Cylinder

Bronze Cross with Paws

Bronze Cross with Paws - Engraved

Pewter Cross with Paws

Bronze Round with Cat Silhouette

Pewter Round with Cat Silhouette

Bronze Round with Cat and Yarn

Pewter Round Cat with Yarn

Bronze Round with Large Paw

Pewter Round with Big Paw

Bronze Round Pendant with Paws

Pewter Round Pendant with Paws

Bronze Round Plain

Bronze Round Plain - Engraved

Pewter Round Plain


Legacy Touch Keepsakes


Urn Pendants




Dog Tags

For Him