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Frequently Asked Questions

10 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian before you choose to cremate your pet

  1. Does the cremation company belong to any national organizations that enforce ethical cremation policies?
  2. Has your veterinarian visited the cremation company to ensure your pet is treated in a dignified and honorable manner?
  3. How often does the crematory company transport pets from your veterinary clinic?
  4. Will your pet be transported in a clean, appropriate vehicle to the crematory?
  5. What type of identification is placed with your pet during cremation to ensure you receive their remains back?
  6. If you prefer a private cremation (different than Individual), can your veterinary clinic ensure your beloved pet is being cremated alone?
  7. What is a communal cremation, and can your veterinary clinic guarantee the cremation company will respectfully dispose of the cremated remains?
  8. In what timeframe will your pet’s cremated remains be brought back to you?
  9. Along with the cremated remains of your beloved pet, what other remembrance items will you receive?
  10. Does the cremation company provide any aftercare or support for you after the loss of your beloved pet?

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